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Archive for the 'Autism' Category

Five Things for Friday

Hello all my lovely friends! I hope your week has been full of good things and moments of joy. To everyone in the path of fires or hurricanes or storms or just struggles, I send you my best hopes for a brighter week ahead.

Also, huge hugs to all of you who wrote me about The Blue Castle (my favorite book)–those of you who have loved it as I do, and those of you who gave it try and found it delightful. Shared books are the best!!

Maybe one of these Five Things will be something you can share

antibiotics.topRead more »

Taken Unawares

Every week I take my son Matthew to speech therapy and when we come home we drive through this neighborhood that runs alongside the freeway and take this little off-ramp out of nowhere up onto I-5. All spring, as I’ve driven up this ramp,  I’ve watched a plant growing atop one of the pylons that supports the freeway. Imagine my delight when the other week it went and did this:

Yeah! It bloomed. Isn’t that the most delightful thing you’ve ever seen. Flowers growing out of nothing but cement and whatever else is up there. It made me smile and … Read more »


Sometimes I know a book is going to be dedicated to a certain person before I sit down and write it. Other times, I come to that realization while I am writing the book. I know as I crafted the pages of Confessions of a Little Black Gown, that Tally’s book belonged to Jessica Burtt. And let me tell you why.

We met Jessica about seven years ago, when Matthew was a baby. He’d run through just about every babysitter I could find. He was one tough baby. He even sent the neighborhood’s alleged “baby whisperer” into a two hour … Read more »

Isn't She Sweet?!

I’ve been hankering to get a dog for months now. I had a dear kitty for seventeen years, and she passed away about two years ago. Last winter I started getting the pet bug again, but I ran into two obstacles. The husband and my youngest. The husband objects because he didn’t grow up with animals and just doesn’t understand. Oh, he loves animals, but doesn’t really get the whole “let’s get a dog” passion I have right now. And the other obstacle? My youngest, who is terrified of most dogs. My husband is convinced I’ll never get Matthew past … Read more »


This is probably not a word that most people would use when describing me. I am not the most patient person. I want things to happen. Now. Not months from now, not years from now. But now. Today. Immediately. And so I became a writer. I can just see career counselors and life coaches all over the place just shaking their heads. Because writing is all about the patience. The hurry up and wait. A one page at a time sort of existence. I can’t just get up one morning with a brilliant idea and sit down at 9 with … Read more »

Where's the lid?

When I blogged about the Dedication in Love Letters from a Duke, I ended up meeting Joey, who also has a son with autism. We’ve exchanged emails and some of you even pitched in and helped Joey with her Autism Walk fund drive. Joey recently emailed me and asked for some way to say thanks to all of you who pitched in and I asked her to join me here in my blog and write about her experiences so every one of you would know how much your donations, prayers and good thoughts helped her and so many other … Read more »

How to lose 105 pounds in just 2 days

Yes, you read that correctly and no, it isn’t spam. It’s the truth. I lost 105 pounds this week and let me tell you my weight loss secret:

Ship those kids back to school.

Now it took me two days because they go to 2 different schools, in two different systems. So Tuesday morning, in the blink of an eye, 55 pounds of “What’s for lunch today?” “When are we going to the pool?” “Can I have Patrick come to play?” “Why did Patrick’s parents go on vacation for two weeks?” “Why did they take Patrick?” “Why don’t we go … Read more »

Thank You!

All your kind comments and heartfelt stories about how autism (as well as other problems) have touched your lives, has left me speechless and feeling so blessed to be part of this community.  I was just going to leave a long comment, but thought it was better to write another blog.

I have this speech I do usually at librarian conferences or to reader’s luncheons, and the part that always chokes me up is when I talk about how personal romance novels can become to each of us.  These aren’t just stories, they are  our books.  Not because we’d … Read more »

Behind the Dedication

The one from Love Letters of a Duke is completely and utterly from my heart. And my daily life. Let me share it with you if you don’t have a copy handy (which, hint, hint, you should!):

To the families who live with autism.
May your day be blessed with the kindness of strangers,
the love of friends and families, and most of all, a cure.

And to FEAT of Washington and Autism Speaks,
my unwavering gratitude to you for your dedication and spirit of hope.
You help us believe.


And last, but far from least,
to Jamilla Kounellas Read more »

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