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Five Things for Friday

Okay, technically you are getting Seven Things for the price of Five. Which still means: Free. But consider this week a bargain.


This past week I devoured Code Name: Helene by Ariel Lawhon. Clearly I am on a huge WWII reading streak, but I just keep finding them and am loving them.

This book is unique in that it is based on a real life heroine who risked everything helping to fight the Nazis.

Nancy Wake was a sassy


, brave and outspoken woman who saved countless lives. Her story is inspiring and heart wrenching. I loved this book. More like this, please.


First–this Crispy Chicken Salad with Sugared Pecans is my favorite dinner salad


, luncheon salad, salad when I want something so amazing salad.

With that said, this salad is A LOT OF WORK. So don’t read any further if you want to have dinner on the table in 20 minutes.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

But if you have plenty of time and want to WOW the household. Or just yourself. This is the salad to go all out on. Now you can cheat and use pre-made chicken tenders

monero wallet>

, but really, if you are going to go to all this trouble, go all the way.

Photo Credit: Food Network


I can hear you from here in Seattle. What?? She wants me to get excited about a weird ice cube tray. Au contraire, my friends. I want you to go nuts over this. I am.

I found one of these in the grocery aisle, on one those hanger things they distract you with. And I found this one on Amazon, but I don’t use it for drinks or ice cubes. I have a much better use.

I put everything other than water in it. Leftover sauce. Gravy. That half a can of chicken broth. Or bit of tomato sauce. For lemons that need to juiced asap.

All of it can get frozen into these wonderful cubes which are exactly a 1/4 of a cup. So perfect for adding when you less than a whole can of something or

, like here, leftover red pepper romesco sauce, which I can pull out of the freezer, thaw it in the microwave and then add it to grilled chicken breasts and they think I’ve pulled out all the stops.

Best kitchen saver/hack anywhere. You are welcome.


I’ve been in a weird mood lately. Indulge me. I have been binging through several shows and there really is no common thread here, but perhaps something for every mood? Welcome to your weekend deep dive into the sofa, and clearly, my neurosis.

Warning: This show is VERY violent. And I am hesitant to recommend it because of that. So please, consider yourself warned.

Further, if you want a really depressing, power struggle with A LOT of ruthlessly dysfunctional people—and I mean A LOT—you have found your show. That said, I am also hooked. Then again, I love Montana for its big sky and wide spaces and gorgeous vistas. And the scenery in this show just makes me sigh. And Kevin Costner.

But, yeah, some really disturbing violence.

Thunder Force

I am not going to lie. This show is ridiculous. You’ll watch it and think I’ve lost my mind.

And when you get to the scene in the middle, and YOU’LL KNOW IT when you get there, you’ll look over at your sofa mate and they’ll think you’ve lost your mind for suggesting it. But sometimes you need to laugh a bit and just shake your head. And don’t we need a story about that one goofy friend who makes our lives memorable?

The butter scene did crack me up. Just saying.

Downton Abbey
I just had to go back. I needed the wisdom of Carson and Old Lady Grantham, and to watch Mary and Edith and want to wring both their necks.

And well, the entire world of elegant dinner parties. All those dresses. And that amazing house.

So dare to go back. Settle in, wear a tiara, and drink some tea. The place and all the feelings are right there where you left them.


Sorry if I am repeating what everyone seems to be forwarding this week, but I just LOVE Prancer. What a little mutt—and just a basket of need and fury. If you haven’t read about the latest viral adorable, then start here.

Click on the photo for the story from the Today show. I hope Prancer finds the perfect forever home.

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