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Five Things for Friday

Yikes! My weeks are getting away from me again. I am working really hard to finish my next book and the days are spinning past me. I look up and it’s Saturday and I’ve forgotten everything else. But this week I made sure to get it into my schedule: Five Things.

And here they are:


As the weather warms here in Seattle (we actually had a very dry and warm April) it is time to fill pots with annuals and I am all in. I have more pots than a woman should be allowed and I fill them every year.
And right now, while the plants are all little, I have to hold onto that gardener’s hope that very soon they will be overflowing with colorful blossoms.

But then again, all I have to do is look around my garden where the lilacs and calla lilies are all madly blooming and know that very soon it will be their turn.


Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the United States and if you are like me

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, you might be trying to find the right gift. Might I humbly suggest my Brazen Trilogy?

It is perfect if you are still social distancing and can be sent in a flash. For mom, grandmother, aunt or even yourself.

P.S. If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, you will find it there for your enjoyment.

The Brazen Series


It is also the beginning of graduation season, and I am thrilled that my oldest is graduating from Loyola University Chicago.

If it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would be traveling there for the ceremony, gathering with family and watching him pick up that hard earned diploma. But it is all virtual and so . . . we are home and making the best of it.

So here’s to all the kids and adults who have worked hard and have to make do with a virtual event—your dedication and perseverance in these trying times are a testament to your desire to see our world be a better place. Congratulations!!

Note: Nick hugging a very indifferent Pi. But he keeps trying!


And because we live in such an upside down place right now, I give you the Chicken Chase, if only to remind you that sometimes you are the dog and sometimes you are the chicken.
Watch the lower one–it has the perfect music.


And finally, this wonderful Scallion-Ginger Beef & Broccoli because it has moved into the steady rotation of favorites around here. We love it and I think your family will as well.

Photo credit: Eating Well Magazine

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend. And to all the moms, who have been putting in double and triple duty over the past year, hugs and all the love to you. I hope you get to put your feet up and be spoiled.


P.S. If you can get your vaccine, go for it. And if you can’t, mask up. We aren’t through this yet. But together we will be very soon.

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