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Five Things for Friday

It’s inevitable, but I am going to repeat myself. I’ve tried hard not to. I even maintain a list–but the list only works if you update it, which I did last week and discovered I have repeated myself. The Expanse! The Vanished Days! With over 220 Things and counting, it is going to happen.

But happily as much as I keep thinking I’ll run out eventually

, and I always seem to find more. Let’s take a look at this week’s list.


But for the record, I don’t think updates should count. Do you remember the Thing I did a while back about Prancer the Chihuahua? The demon chihuahua who was stuck in a shelter because of his personality and quirks? I was scrolling through the other day and discovered that Prancer found the perfect forever home and now has a his own Instagram account and is living his best life. Give him a follow!


Wow! You all had thoughts and suggestions about learning how to jump a car. Didn’t read last week’s Five Things? Here’s a quick link back.

Tammy and Geraldine wrote about cables that come with chargers so you don’t need another car. Once charged


, they will hold that charge for about a year. Ginny wrote in and recommended a Halo Bolt. The Halo Bolt also has a plug in for charging phones and laptops. I haven’t tried one, but I will definitely be checking them out.

I was also reminded that in addition to jumping a car, pumping your own gas, and changing a tire, you should also know how and where to add oil. Add those to your car-wise list of expertise.

As an aside to all all this, I once went on a date and his car tire went flat and he didn’t know how to change it. So there I was, in heels and fancy dress, changing the tire so he could take me home. Note: there was no second date and not because he didn’t know how to change the tire, but because he wasn’t interested in learning how.


Looking for a light fun read? Try The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling. I spotted this book before Christmas at the bookstore, and much to my chagrin, forgot to grab it that day and it was gone by the next time I went in, so I had to order it up on my Kindle. It’s a cute story of a reluctant witch who accidentally cursed her summer fling a decade earlier and now he’s returned. A fun read for a cold day.


Have you watched The Gilded Age yet? It’s very Downtown Abbey light. I’m not invested yet, and I wish the characters had a little more depth, but having just finished the second episode, I’m with Mrs. Aster in saying, “we’ll be seeing more of them.”

I’ll stay for now, because the costumes are amazing and lush and beautiful. That, and watching Christine Baranski sneer at everything is always a delight.


One of you marvelous Five Things readers wrote and asked me to share a PSA on CO Poisoning. I then promptly made a note to do so and now I can’t find the email to thank them. But we should all thank them because it is a timely reminder. She asked that we all be mindful of shutting off our cars, especially if they are parked in an attached garage. And make sure to remind the elderly as well. Her elderly mother had a brush with CO poisoning and thankfully she is doing better.

A few years ago, an entire family in our neighborhood was lost during a power outage when they brought their gas grill inside the garage to use to cook and heat. All five people in that house perished from CO poisoning.

So please be mindful when parking your car in an enclosed garage and making sure your car is shut off immediately. And in light of the bad weather sweeping across the country

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, never use a gas grill or any other propane/gas powered thing inside a residence.

And CO monitors aren’t a bad investment. We have one in our house.

Count this as a Thing I hope I never have to repeat. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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