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Archive for the 'The Standon Widows' Category

In Defense of Felicity

As the early reviews began to come in for Lord Langley is Back in Town, I was quite pleased to find that all of them were very favorable. I wanted the story to be funny, but I also wanted the story to have an emotional depth, since it is a story of coming home and about discovering one’s identity, and the reviews I was reading got that. Hurrah!

But one review stood out, and not for its kind words about the book but what it said about Felicity, the heroine of Love Letters from a Duke, and a … Read more »

Lord Langley ~ Regency SEAL?

Last weekend, the Seattle Times ran a front page article about Navy SEALS and how they make great romance novel heroes. On the front page of the paper. If you didn’t get to read the article, here it is in its original form via the Washington Post.

Of course all my husband sees as he reads the article is how successful all these books about SEALS are and has to ask, “Why aren’t you writing about SEALS?”

Well, I am here to argue that I am. And have been for years. May I introduce my newest Regency era SEAL, … Read more »

By the Way…

While at RT, I picked up a lovely award for Mad About the Duke. The 2010 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Love & Laughter Historical. I tried to tell a joke as I accepted the award but it sort of fell flat. Way to go for the funny writer. Let me tell you, humor is a lot easier to write than execute before a live audience.

But I have to credit the Duke of Parkerton for being the real comic genius of this story. He arrived in This Rake of Mine, all stiff and proper and ducal, and … Read more »

Packing Up, Moving Out

The closer a book comes to being released, the more I feel my life speeding up. I start writing faster, I panic faster, I get out of the house more. Which is probably a good thing–because then I can get a chance to see all of you. And in that, let’s get outta here vein, I’m off to the Romantic Times Reader’s Convention this week. Currently I am going through my usual, “what to wear, what to pack” panic but by the time I reach LA, I will have my SoCal vibe on and be quite mellow.

I hadn’t planned … Read more »

I Hate Excerpts

Okay, I make no bones about this. I hate excerpts, sneak peeks, previews, look aheads, whatever you want to call them. I don’t like them. I want to be surprised, amused, delighted as I turn the page of a book, watch a movie, check in on All My Children or lately, One Life to Live. I don’t want to know what day Angie’s baby is going to be born. I want to tune in and be part of the story, then and there. No Cassandras allowed in my life. I don’t want to know.

Sadly, I have had to come … Read more »


They are a coming. In the next few months my website will be getting some upgrades and new features. Not giving away anything just yet, but just wanted to make sure you had a bit of a heads up. It’s been sort of exciting to go through my current site and look at it from a redecorating stand point. I love my site, but we all need something new every once in a while, don’t we?

One thing I can show you is that I’ve cleaned up my Blog Categories over there on the right–added some new, gathered together a … Read more »

Book, Book Trailer, Booked Out

You could call this week “Booked Up.” It’s always like that around here the week a book officially drops, or at least most authors like to think of it as a special week, worthy of celebration and events. Or some of us just hide and avoid the computer so we don’t know how it is being received. I’m not having any trouble avoiding the computer as mine had a rather fatal episode last week. Luckily for me, Norm, the guy who can resurrect nearly any Mac, will be able to bring it back to life (He’s sort of a Dr. … Read more »

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