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TBT: Stealing the Bride

Continuing my look back at the Danvers series, I cannot help but pause, make that linger over one of my all-time-favorite heroes, Temple.

I can’t even tell you how much I have crushed on this man. My one and only Book Boyfriend. And here is how Temple came to life:

Sometimes when you are writing a book, a single character sneaks up on you and boldly demands that their story be told next.Temple When I was writing One Night of Passion, I hadn’t really given much thought to the character of Temple, Colin’s rakish cousin. But from the moment he stepped on the page, larger than life and so very charming, it was only a matter of time before this Clark Gable and Cary Grant all rolled up into one would be whispering his secrets into my ear.

So it was hardly a surprise when I wrote these paragraphs in One Night of Passion and saw Temple’s story came to life:

   Temple stepped off the curb to wave down his driver, Elton, who was waiting in the mews. Colin took the moment to glance back, still shocked by his betrothed’s abrupt refusal to marry him.

   To his surprise, he found Lady Diana peering down from a window, her eyes ablaze with a fiery passion that he had never before seen light her features. She hardly looked the hardbroken


, ruined parti.

   But then again her gaze wasn’t on him. It was drilling into the back of his cousin’s wine colored jacket.

   Colin swallowed back what was left of his pride.

   Egads. Diana had never loved him.

   The realization hit him harder than he cared to admit, and at the same time, it made perfect sense. Her easy acquiescence to delay their wedding all these years. Her vehement refusal to marry him today.

   His court martial had only been an excuse. She’d cried off because she didn’t love him.

~One Night of Passion
by Elizabeth Boyle

Temple and Diana? What was I thinking? Suave, sophisticated Temple? Proper and orderly Diana? It was insane, it was the devil’s own match, it was perfect! It-happened-one-night

But what to do with them? Then I saw it — a homage to one of my favorite movies, It Happened One Night, a madcap, hilariously fun story of a runaway heiress and her pursuers. My version includes one very reluctant Temple.

I had the time of my life telling the story of the future Duke of Setchfield’s long-suffering and tempestuous romance with the impossible Lady Diana. If you haven’t given it a try, I hope you enjoy it!

Read the Excerpt or Order your copy today!

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