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Archive for the 'Elizabeth’s Favorites' Category

Hero Worthy

My husband asked me last week what I liked best about having my Brazen books back out. And the answer was immediate and easy: Because it gives me the chance to tell the story how my first book came to be published. It actually gives me a chance to tell the world what a thoughtful, wonderful man I married.

If you’ve never heard me tell the story and you want a good reason to get a little weepy and romantic on a Monday, there you need to read My Favorite Hero. Then once you’ve read the story, come back … Read more »

The 21 Best Books on Writing

If you are like me, you are always seeking out the books and teachers who inspire and motivate writers and non-writers alike.

To that end, I polled a bunch of friends, tweeps, and writers from all over and asked them: What writing books do you love? What has done the most for your creativity and career?

What I was looking for were books to fuel a year of creative growth, gaining and honing my skills and perhaps learning a few new tricks. Who doesn’t like new tricks?

So I present this recommended list of writing books. I have read some, … Read more »

Five Things about Laura Lee Guhrke

Why is it that lately I can’t get any of my friends to stick to Five Things. It’s called “Five Things” for a reason. But much to my chagrin, they all are a bunch of overachievers–sending in 6, 9, or even 11 things. And considering I only send them 10 questions to answer, it gets a little confusing sometimes.

I think this week’s Five Things Author fits into the overachiever category. Or she can’t count. Either way, I love her to death and am always thrilled when she has a book out. Which she does. Which I will tell you … Read more »

Best Conference Evah!

When you go to a conference, in my case, The Surrey International Writers’ Conference, you never expect to arrive and have to undergo four security checks by RCMP just to get into the hotel, dodge past a couple hundred protesters, as well as having been pre-screened by the Secret Service.

Nothing like a friendly, “Welcome to Canada” arrival with the hotel surrounded by RCMP.

All because former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are speaking at the conference hotel that day for a separate economic meeting. And even with all this security you discover a few days later, … Read more »

Five Things about Elisabeth Naughton

I met Elisabeth Naughton a few years ago at an author dinner that was great fun. She made a comment about someone’s age being “really old.” It happened to be how old I was at the time–much to her embarrassment. I have teased her mercilessly since and in the interest of putting that slight behind us (no, not really, I will tease her as long as my old age and failing memory allows me) I wanted to introduce her to you. Besides, she writes great books.

1) Favorite indulgence: Not sure I can post the answer to this without getting … Read more »

Five Things About Katharine Ashe

I adore Katharine Ashe because she’s the sort of hip, cool chick who writes her own rules. And she is as much a smart aleck as I am–maybe more so. Love that in a person. Hope you get to like her as well! Here are Five Things about Katharine Ashe:

1) Favorite indulgence: Champagne. Admittedly, this may not come as a surprise to many.

2) Favorite dessert: Hands down, Toll House cookies. I tend to eat them for breakfast and snacks too. So… dessert all day long!

EB: See what I mean? Her cookie obsession is legendary and fills her Read more »

Five Things About Candice Hern

If you haven’t read a Regency romance by the skilled and talented Candice Hern, you are missing out. Not only is Candice a great writer, but her knowledge of the period is exceptional. Once you get done meeting Candice, make sure you wander over to her website and view her collections–Regency prints, fans, and alike and an ever-expanding Regency Glossary that every reader should have bookmarked. But best of all, I am thrilled to call her one of my dear friends. Now I hope to extend that privilege to you as well as you discover Five Things About Candice Hern:… Read more »

Q & A

As I wrote last Saturday, I made a plea to my fans over on Facebook that the well had gone dry on what to talk about over here on my blog, and they in turn offered up a bucket load of questions. Here is what I have plucked out today from this treasure quest of “I want to knows.”

Today’s questions are courtesy of: Erica Lynn Thrasher and Janelle Wilbanks.

Erica asked:

Do you find that you have time for social life when a deadline is approaching?

A social life? What exactly is that? To be honest, I’ve taken … Read more »

Fav Summer Things

I had planned this blog to have a bunch of pictures of all my favorite things: the flowers in my yard, a big bowl of Rainier cherries, the beach near my house–all the stuff that makes summer so much fun. Excerpt there is one problem this year.

Summer has yet to arrive in Seattle.

Here was the view from my windshield on Saturday as I sat and waited for the ferry on my way to Hood Canal:

Believe it or not, there is a ferry boat arriving at the end of the dock, but it was nearly impossible to see … Read more »

Five Things about Robyn DeHart

I was struck with a huge case of cover envy the other day when I saw Robyn DeHart’s e-novella release, Her Gentleman Thief. It is just stunning and sexy and all about the romance, which I adore in a cover.

So I asked Robyn, who I met several years ago, to drop by because: a) I like her; b) she writes great books; and c) I knew I shouldn’t be the only gaping in envy at this cover. Or alone in reading the story. So with my usual flourish and a wave, Five Things about Robyn DeHart:

1) Favorite … Read more »

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