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8 Ways to Maximize Your Writing Time

If you are like me, your writing time is both precious and never long enough. So here are some of my methods to make sure you are getting the most pages out of your limited time.

1) Stop reading email, Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, et al. Okay, maybe that’s a little drastic, but how about printing out this little rule and stick it on your computer screen: Writing first, all the rest second. To make is easier, turn off all your alerts and anything that might nudge you to go take a peek. Stay on target.

2) Do as much pre-writing as possible. Take notes while you eat breakfast and lunch. Sketch out dialogue bits, scene ideas, setting descriptions. When you sit down to write, type these notes into your manuscript and they are usually enough to catapult you right into your story without too much hemming and hawing

3) Write from a well-thought out outline or synopsis. A roadmap of your story will get you from A to Z in the quickest route. You wouldn’t drive from Seattle to Dallas without good directions

, so why write a novel without one?

4) Use a timer. When I get really behind or am on deadline, I use a kitchen timer. I set it for anywhere between five and twenty minutes and tell myself that I have that much time to write X amount of pages. That little ticking bomb really gets my fingers flying.

5) Turn off the internal editor. When I write my first draft, my only goal is to get the story down. If there are missing transitions, holes in the dialogue or in a scene, or a word, sentence or paragraph that just doesn’t sound quite right, all of that can be fixed when I do my revisions. Remember: Revising a manuscript is an entirely different process than writing the first draft.

6) Set a specific time each day and amount of time to write. Make this time sacred. You’ll find that as your daily writing time approaches, your imagination, thoughts and focus start moving toward your story automatically.

7) If you find yourself stuck and unable to think of anything, just write the dialogue for the scene. Or describe the scene. Anything related to that part of the book to keep your fingers moving. If you are really and truly stuck, go back to your synopsis and move to the next scene.

8 ) Give yourself a writing night out once a week. I get out of the house, away from the husband and kids, and go to Starbucks, where I review notes and plan my writing for the next week. Sometimes I use the time to review the pages I’ve written recently or just brainstorm. The change in scenery and the lack of interruptions give you some great time to concentrate and come away revitalized and refueled (literally) to get to work.

Good luck and remember: Keep Writing.

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One comment to “8 Ways to Maximize Your Writing Time”

  1. Nicky B
    November 19th, 2014 at 8:06 pm · Link

    Great post! Thanks for the ideas.

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