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One Night of Passion

Countdown to 20

For my third Avon#20thAvonRomance Countdown(2) Romance in this countdown, I came up with Three Fun Facts You Might Not Know About ONE NIGHT OF PASSION.

Fun Fact #1

ONE NIGHT OF PASSION is my outlandish Regency take on Cinderella, so when Avon asked me to come up with a tag line for the book

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, I couldn’t resist being a bit wicked, coming back with:

“Sometimes Cinderella loses more than just her shoe …”

Honestly, I never thought they would ever use it. I was just being snarky. But they did, and it is still to this day, one of my favorite tag lines.

Fun Fact #2

Being a Cinderella story, ONE NIGHT OF PASSION passion_215has the lost slipper on the cover. What you might not know is that shoe is the same one worn by my long time editor, Lyssa Keusch, at her wedding. So it is a very lucky shoe indeed.

Fun Fact #3

Ironically, I spent 3 months pacing the floor and banging my head against the wall when I got to the scene on the deck of Captain Danver’s ship where he is reunited with the heroine, Georgiana Escott, nearly a year after their fairy tale one night stand. Oh, did I mention that Georgie is holding a baby? Yeah, sort of one of those awkward moments that befuddles even the author who put them there. You’ll have to read the story to see how I resolved that impasse.

And the Extras

Find out where Colin and Georgie fit into the Danvers’ Family Tree. Read the Excerpt from ONE NIGHT OF PASSION or just quit dying of curiosity about that one night stand and Order the book. LOL.

Read the posts for my 1st (No Marriage of Convenience) and 2nd (Once Tempted) Avon romances.

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