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Once Tempted

#20thAvonRomance Countdown(1)

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I had no intention of sitting down to write a series when I started ONCE TEMPTED. Yet, as stories often do, the characters blossomed before me and it was the beginning of my love affair with the Danvers family that continues today.

ONCE TEMPTED opens with the death of Orlando Danvers, the youngest of the Danvers brothers. Never have I regretted killing off a character more than shooting Orlando through the heart. Once TemptedTruly, don’t write me, there is no precedent-setting three day Regency operation that will bring him back. And believe me, a lot of you have asked. I have read and reread that opening more times than I can count to see what spark it is that makes so many readers just fall in love with him. Not even writing the story of his twin brother, Rafe Danvers (IT TAKES A HERO) satisfied the Orlando fans. They just wanted him back.

So there it is. Orlando is dead, but I think you will find his older brother, Robert, the taciturn, hard-nosed spy determined to avenge his brother’s death and save King and country, just as heroic.

Once Tempted also introduces several reoccurring characters who prodded me over the years to let them come back and have yet another moment on the pages. The delightful Jemmy Finch (IT TAKES A HERO

, HERO, COME BACK). His gossipy mother, Lady Finch, who appears in nearly every Danvers’ story and even finds her way into The Bachelor Chronicles. She’s a persistent one, Lady Finch.

While Once Tempted is listed as the 3rd book in the Danvers series, it is actually the first one I wrote. I then filled in the series with the other titles, all out of sequence. Confused? You aren’t alone. That’s why there is a Danvers Family Tree and Series information so you don’t miss a single story.

Order your copy of ONCE TEMPTED, or read the Excerpt.


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