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It Takes a Hero

Countdown to 20

Inspiration comes from every facet of my life. The story behind IT TAKES A HERO (my 5th Avon Romance) came during a family dinner, while listening to my husband’s siblings teasing his unmarried sister about their upcoming visit to Lisdoonvarna in Ireland–an infamous village known for matchmaking.

Being a romance writer, what is not to love about a village with a long standing tradition of making happy endings? I was enchanted and story ideas started to bubble around. I just needed a hero and had the perfect one waiting in the wings. The one remaining unmarried Danvers brother, Rafe, who hadn’t a title or money or even the desire to wed.

That is until Rafe is hired to discover and #20thAvonRomance Countdown(4)unmask the unknown author of the ruinous Miss Darby novels.

The fun part of writing IT TAKES A HERO was then coming up with the outrageous Miss Darby novels that my heroine, Rebecca Tate is guilty of writing.

But once I had this list of perilous romantic adventures featuring Miss Darby and the love of her life, Lt. Throckmorten

sildalis Prix: Achat en Ligne Sans Ordonnance

, I couldn’t just let them go after I finished Rafe and Rebecca’s story. No, I kept those books alive and they have been the guilty pleasure of my fictional heroines for years: Thalia Langley, Harriet Hathaway, and my latest pair, the Tempest twins, Louisa and Lavinia, are all mad for Miss Darby. It Takes a Hero

I finally had to go back through all my books and compile a complete list/synopsis of every Miss Darby novel/mention–if only to make sure I didn’t mix them up. One day, I ought to sit down and write them…

But until then, you will have to be content with the very passionate story of the dark and dangerous hero, Rafe Danvers and the romance novelist, Rebecca Tate, who stole his heart.

As I mentioned in my post about my first Avon romance, ONCE TEMPTED, Rafe Danvers is the twin brother of the oft-mentioned, and very dead Orlando Danvers. See here how these two fit into the Danvers’ Family Tree. You can also take a sneak peak inside IT TAKES A HERO or Order your copy.

Don’t miss my posts for my 3rd (One Night of Passion) and 4th (Stealing the Bride) Avon romances.

One comment to “It Takes a Hero”

  1. Penney Wilfort
    January 13th, 2016 at 7:03 am · Link

    I can wait to read it I love that cover,

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