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The “M” Word

One of the most overlooked parts in romance novels is the M word: Marriage. We write and write about the parts that lead up to that commitment

, but how often do books look at what happens after the “I do” except in romances that are slated as “Marriages of Convenience.”

I never set out to write Six Impossible Things as a Marriage of Convenience story–it isn’t by my way of thinking, more of a “Marriage-That-Had-to-Be”. In fact, in my original synopsis Roselie and Brody marry where weddings usually occur in historical romances, about two pages from the ending.

But as I began writing

, I started to see where I could use this story to explore that fragile relationship of marriage–using the other Rhymes with Love couples as examples of the various ways couples mix and work together (Harriet and Roxley, If Wishes Were Earls), and the unexpected pairings who find their way to happiness despite their differences (Lavinia and Tuck, The Knave of Hearts).

Oh, I did give myself a bit of an edge–it is obvious that Roselie and Brody are perfect for each other, (you can see it in the Excerpt) both loves the other (whether they are willing to admit it or realize it) but I wrote the book–at the same time–wondering how they would ever see their way to that happily ever after

, if they could find that love match despite the odds, and how they could find a way to make straight what was a very crooked, unwanted beginning.

Not an easy path by any stretch.

I think what finally worked for them, and works in real life as well, is honesty, communication and a clear trust and unshakeable belief by both that you are each is in for the other. That’s the happily ever after.

What do you  think?






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