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TBT: Tempted by the Night

Thought I’d go with my paranormal, haunted, ghoulish, monster/Jane Austen story, Tempted by the Night, for Halloween Eve.ElizBo1

So many people have asked why I decided to write historicals with paranormal elements, and I have to admit that I never set out deliberately to do it, rather the story/series idea would not go away and haunted me until I wrote them.

So after writing the first one, His Mistress by Morning


, I knew I would never escape without writing Hermione’s story (well, make that Rockhurst’s). I got so many emails about him, pleading for his story, somElizBo2ething that didn’t surprise me in the least.

I sort of suspected that might happen when I was writing Mistress. Sometimes a character steps off the page and takes a place in your heart. Like I said last week, Temple, from my Danver’s series, was another such character. The very moment Rockhurst came striding onto the page I was hooked. I wanted to know all his secrets—just like Hermione—and I had a wonderful time coming up with his history and place in my wild, magical version of Regency London.

Now there was another challenge to writing this story that made it fun and unique: an invisible heroine. One point in my favor, I didn’t have to fuss much over what she was wearing or how her hair was arranged, (though I am sure that Hermione, clothes horse that she is, would have preferred a story around her rather, um, distinctive fashion sense.

Then again, having a heroine the hero couldn’t see made writing the love scenes, well, interesting, to say the least.

And I know you are all going to ask: Will I finish this series? I really, really want to write the rest of them. And I will do my best to find a way to do just that because I have such grand plans for Griffin and the rest of the Marlowes.

Read an Excerpt from His Mistress by Morning or Order a copy.
And take a Peek inside Tempted by the Night, and make sure to get a copy. If only for that gorgeous sexy cover!

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