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TBT: Love Letters from a Duke

People always say this is one of their favorites–with Felicity Langley being one of my most beloved heroines. Yet her story would not have been told without some help. So on this Throwback Thursday, let me introduce you to some of the books that helped me write Love Letters from a Duke:

LoveLettersFromADukeThe London Encyclopedia

, ed. by Ben Weinreb and Christopher Hibbert. This is one of my favorite books to have within reach while I am writing a book set in London.

Names through the Ages, by Teresa Norman. I love the way this book divides names into centuries so you can pick names by generations.

City of Sin, London in Pursuit of Pleasure by Giles Emerson. A detailed book on the various amusements and pursuits of Londoners, including a small section on Frost Fairs.

The A to Z of Regency London. A reprint of Richard Horwood’s maps, it gives you a street by street, property by property look at London. When Felicity goes shopping for thread, I used this map to guide her steps, as well as my own when I toured London while researching this book.

If you haven’t read Love Letters from a Duke, you can take a sneak peek inside here, or order a copy today. Felicity Langley, beloved busybody that she is, would approve.

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